Voice to Text with AI Editing

Every AI app out there is charging $20+ a month for a UI that just calls OpenAI's APIs.

So I made my own over a couple of weekends, and I'm giving it to you for free.

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The Future Belongs to the Centaur

AI-assisted humans (also known as centaurs) have dominated every arena they have entered. AI can make it easier to turn your spoken words into beautifully crafted text.

I designed this app to help me write good content faster. The app helps with the writing but the ideas come from the human. If you want AI to generate content for you, this app isn't for you (and you're also a douche making the internet a worse place).


Easy to Use

Simply speak, and my app will transcribe your voice notes. Then, it will use ChatGPT to summarize and re-write what you said so it sounds like good written prose rather than spoken words. Say goodbye to the tedious task of manual typing, but still get accurate, polished text.


Automated First Draft

My app doesn't just transcribe; it elevate your words, while staying faithful to your tone. Your content will be refined, ready for publication, but not in a phony generic way.


NO medium-specific tone

You know how the douchiest linkedin/twitter influencers all start EVERY post with a 3-word "hook" and then plaster emojis all over the post? You know how blog copy often reads like keyword-stuffed drivel? This app does NOT do that. My prompt tries to keep your original tone.


Versatile Content Creation

Write articles, blog posts, podcasts, talks, video scripts, and more with ease, and make it ever-green. The most evergreen content concerns itself with presenting original ideas, not with using the cringey hooks or pattern-interrupt tactics du-jour.


Client-Side Only

This app is client side only. This means you need to bring your own OpenAI API Key. I personally think this is very worthwhile, I don't want to have to pay some former crypto-bro $30 a month to use a UI that just has ChatGPT do all the real work.


Accessible anywhere

The responsive web app allows you to harness the power of voice to text on iphone or android. No need to clutter your phone with a stupid app just to enable me to spam you with push notifications.

How it works

You start by creating a "project." This represents a blog post you want to write, an article, video script, or whatever.


Project Sections

Then you add a bunch of sections to your project. Each section should be short and have a memorable title.


Record an audio file for each section

Once you have the outline, you can hit the "record" button under a given section and dictate to the machine.


Turn your dictation into coherent text

First, your voice note is transcribed word for word. Then, it's sent to ChatGPT so summarize. That way, you can turn your rambling, improvised dictation into text that is coherent and worthy of a blog post.

Talk to Text and Get Time Back

Speak your ideas, watch as they transform into text, and get a bunch of time back.

Watch out though, it's so easy to generate floods of content with this app that you might find yourself spending hours editing.


More time to waste watching hentai or whatever it is you do


Higher chance you'll put out content since dictation is way easier than writing


Chance that my Voice to Text App will turn most of y'alls terrible ideas into a large following

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    Free for Life

    I made my speech-to-text software free so everyone can experience the future of content creation.

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    None of your private data is ever sent to my servers

    I collect usability data (clicks and such) to make the app better but your content is yours. Your api keys are yours.

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    A thin wrapper around the best

    OpenAI (company behind ChatGPT) is the leader of AI. They produce the best results. Their quality ensures your dictations are accurately transcribed and well synthesized.

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Customers Totally Love Us

Say goodbye to the mundane and hello to effortless content creation. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting your creative journey, my Voice to Text App will revolutionize the way you work.

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Ready to turn your spoken words into captivating content? Get started with our Voice to Text App today and watch your ideas come to life effortlessly. Say it, transcribe it, and create with ease.

Whether you're a luminary of the 21st century on par with Andrew Huberman, or you're a 22 year old wannabe influencer who's never had a job but wants to teach others how to be successful, the app is for you.

Fake it til you make it tier

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  • Create outlines for your projects
  • Record dictations for each section
  • Use AI to convert your voice to an edited transcription

Luminary tier

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  • Same features as free tier, plus
  • The satisfaction that you hooked a homie up with a coffee